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Tesla M3

TeslaM3® has been especially developed for monitoring during MRI examinations. The monitor and user interface
have been designed in cooperation with clinical users and thus fulfill all requirements of a modern patient monitor.

Easy handling of sensors and accessories as well as an intuitive user menu have been the driving force during the development of the TeslaM3®.

TeslaM3® can be configured according to your individualneeds whereas all components can be upgraded at any

Wireless SpO2 and ECG sensors make it easy and convenient to connect the patient to the monitor. The ECG has
been especially developed for the conditions during an MRI scan.

The TeslaM3® has up to 8 hours trend memory which can be transferred to a USB storage device or printed directly. On top TeslaM3® offers full network capability.

TeslaM3® offers a solution for all requirements in MRI monitoring while maintaining a favorable price performance ratio.