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Small wonder: The fabian Therapy evolution is our NIV dedicated system packed in a small yet powerful package, making it ideal for NICU, PICU and transport applications.

  • New high-performance technologies
  • Developmental Care
  • Modularity

Patient Safety

  • On the receiving end of our ventilators are the tiniest and most fragile patients imaginable. To keep them safe and protected whenever they are ventilated is the starting point of all our thoughts.
  • Integrated lock function keyboard to prevent inadvertent settings.
  • Easy maintenance with few parts for disinfection and sterilization without any risk of infection inside the ventilator
  • No bacterial filters and therefore no risk of increased resistance during humidified ventilatory therapies.
  • Best support with reduced Work Of Breathing (iWOB).
  • Reduced error risk thanks to the self-training ACUTRONIC concept inside.