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When fire breaks out in server rooms, data centres or around other sensitive electronic environments, sometimes the solution can be as damaging as the fire.

To prevent possibilities of such scenarios at your premises and to enhance safety of your sensitive electronic equipment, we have introduced the unique Carbon Dioxide based nonmagnetic fire extinguishers.

These fire extinguishers are made of aluminium shells, and non-magnetic fittings such as valves, nozzles and pins. They suffocate the fire by cutting-off the supply of oxygen and leave no messy residue behind post dousing the flames.

The unique construction of these fire extinguishers makes them non-magnetic and non-corrosive. Which is why, they also become an ideal choice for hospital MRI scanner rooms, where magnetic field of an MRI machine could attract a normal fire extinguisher with bone crushing force and its magnetic potency might affect the performance or operation of sensitive equipment.

Made to the highest global standards, Blot Fire’s Carbon Dioxide based non-magnetic fire extinguishers are recognised for their non-damaging highly effective firefighting performance and cleanliness.